0.03 DD Curl


The newest weight to my lashes byLBeauty collection is my 0.03.

Absolutely amazing for going that little bit thicker and getting that mega volume set! These lashes are just as perfect as my 0.05 easy fans however, they are just a little bit thinner making them perfect for MEGA! They are my amazing easy fanning Russian trays. They are super black and the best easy fanning lashes you’ll find on market and are the must-have lashes for any lash tech! Easy fanning lashes are different from normal Russian trays as they fan straight off the strip with no pinching required if you didn’t want to! Absolutely perfect for beginners but also amazing for anyone because of the thickness of the lashes and the sets they create.   Super black and dark Fan straight away Super glossy Thin bases DD Curl Foil backs so they stay on your hand

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These Lashes are for use by professionals only. You should only purchase this product if you are a trained and certified lash technician. LBEAUTY can’t be held accountable for misuse of this product or damages caused by this product.

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Mixed Tray 16-25, Mixed Tray 6-12, Mixed Tray 9-17


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