Beginner classic course


Introducing our beginner’s classic course. This is perfect to give you an insight into the lash industry! Please note that as a beginner you legally do have to quality in classic lash extensions with any company before moving on to Russian eyelash courses. This is because, In the classic course, I will be teaching you the basics of the lash industry and more importantly the anatomy of the eye! 

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The training dates for classic lashes

18th June
1st July
29th July
30th July

Here is a guide as to how a classic eyelash course day will be with lashes by LBeauty:

  • Arrive and get to know each other! This is super important that you feel comfortable around me as a trainer so that you can tell me if you’re struggling! All of my courses are just 1 student and me on the day!
  • Do some theory work! This will cover all of the theory-style learning in the course. I will give you basic business advice during this time and social media training to allow you to start your business as soon as you leave.
  • We will then get you used to holding tweezers and I will show you how to apply classic lashes to a doll head. Once you’re comfortable and only if you are comfortable we will then move on to doing a live model together.
  • We will spend up to 3 hours completing a set of classic lashes on a live model together. Some of it will be you practising and some will be me showing you.
  • Throughout the day snacks and drinks are provided.
  • Then once we have completed the set I will show you how to end an appointment with a client and check that they’re happy! Here full photo skills and editing skills will be shown to help you when you do a set on your own.

The duration of the course is 4-5 hours.

The total cost of the course is £250.


All of my courses are fully insured and fully accredited by international approval.