Beginner hybrid and Russian course


I am delighted to be able to teach you all about the world of Russian eyelash extensions. They are what our taking the beauty industry by storm and they are one of the biggest earners of the beauty industry – fact! As a 5-year qualified Russian eyelash specialist, training 1-1 with me is going to give you the best start in this industry!

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Here is all of the information you need to know about our Russian course. Please note you must be qualified in classic lashes from either this brand or another brand in order to move onto the Russians course. Please send your certificate of qualification from another brand to

Russian lash dates

19th June
23rd June
28th June
12th July
29th July

In the Russian eyelash extension course, we will cover. 

  • An in-depth theory training for up to 1 hour. This will be all-around weights, sizes, styles, eye anatomy, eye shapes, retention, products and much more. A notepad is provided and a printed copy of your manual to make notes.
  • Next, we will move on to making fans. I will show you how to make fans using my brand of Russian lash trays! Everything you need on the day is included.
  • After this, we will do some lash practice and isolating practice on a doll’s head to make sure you are comfortable.
  • We will move on to doing a full set of Russian lashes on a real client. You can ask your own model to come or i can provide one for you.
  • Finally, we will do lots of photo skills and social media training. 

The duration of the course is 4-5 hours.

The total cost of the course is £250.


All of my courses are fully insured and fully accredited by international approval.