Japanese Steel Luxury Lash I Boot Tweezers Nude

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After 16 whole months of testing tweezers, I’m finally bringing you the best. The sharpest tweezers that work perfectly with my easy fans to help you create the best lashes in the quickest time. Using a strong grip tweezer will reduce your appointment time meaning you can either spend longer getting that mega volume super thick or moving onto another client. Imagine being able to make extra cash every day just by investing in some good, luxury tweezers.

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Made with only the best Japanese steel, all the tweezers in my range have a strong point. They also have the strongest grip all the way through the tweezers.

The brightest and most beautiful colours now available to get you excited to be doing what you love every single day and to look perfect on all your gorgeous Instagram pictures.

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Japanese Tweezers

Luxury I Boot NUDE, Luxury I Boot PINK, Skinny I Boot PINK, Sharp & Straight PINK, Classic Curved WHITE


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