Strip Lash Liner Glue


Well, this is definitely something you won’t have come across much. The new and innovative way to apply strip lashes is this amazing liner glue. This is a really thin black felt liner that acts as a lash adhesive so no mess, no white glue all over your eyelids, and all while creating a gorgeous baseliner to make your eyes pop when wearing strip lashes.


How to use:

Draw the liner across the lash line as you would with normal eyeliner. You can make this as long/short/thick or thin as you desire, depending on the look you're wanting to achieve.

Simply apply the strip lash to the eyeliner and it's stuck... it's as simple as that!

Drying time of 0.5/1 second so you're good to go straight away.

No mess, simple strip lashes.

Additional information


0.03 6-12 Mixed Tray, 0.03 9-17 Mixed Tray, 0.05 11-18 Mixed Tray, 0.05 6-12 Mixed Tray


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